Friday, August 24, 2007


i spent the morning in a class learning some database tools. interesting the way computers save us time and take up all of it.

i came home at noon and hid inside from the heat with my snuggly tashi. she wanted to begin filling the big two dollar scrapbook i'd picked up for her from an antique store. this commenced in an afternoon of

1. clearing the piled deep coffee table so that there was room to clutter it up again with a large scrapbook and its materials

2. organizing all various things that could be considered scrap booking materials into one portable box (stickers, ribbons, paper punchers, stamp pads, zaggedy scissors, scrap paper. . .)

3.organizing tashi's memorabilia into that which would be pasted and that which would be displayed with corner tabs

4.searching high and low for a little bag of corner tabs and never finding it

5.watching my daughter begin filling her first ever scrapbook with the things she'd accumulated over the summer (and a few odd older bits)

6. serving as her spatial advisor (at her request of course) and lending my thoughts on binding matter and embellishing media

i'm not much of a scrapbooker. i have one from my early teen years and hide it because the me then is not one i want tashi to emulate. not that she would. maybe i'm just not ready to introduce my teenage self to anyone, including myself.

after the teen scrapbook i filled countless photo albums, not to mention journals, which sometimes doubled as scrapbooks. i have containers full of memorabilia. but i never found the drive to participate in the whole memory book (with a copyright) thing. when i have a stack of freshly developed photos, i just want to slip them into a safe display as quickly as possible. i have never found myself setting aside enough time and space to pour hours over the artful display of photos and memorabilia in an extensive album that requires expensive adhesive. this blog is about the extent of it.

but it was particularly fun scrapbooking with tashi. a companion makes all the difference. i couldn't ask for a better one.

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