Thursday, August 23, 2007

a couple of things

i finally hung up the chelsea flea market pieces that i purchased in new york last april. they are the perfect cross between kitsch and idyllic. i want to add some fabric hoops to this wall too. some examples can be seen in this post by the inspiring soulemama. i also plan to make curtains out of vintage sheets. my work room will have a new look, sooner or later.

this is a little rag doll kit i gave tashi for christmas. christmas, folks. we finally worked on it recently. i don't do well with miniatures. that poor misshapen head. when i got to making the dress (tashi really didn't want anything more to do with it beyond stuffing) i stopped cold. maybe it will be finished by this christmas.

yesterday this arrived in the mail. i am very excited. amy karol's blog is another inspiration. i used her model of the doorway puppet theater to make theatro tashi. i just stared at the picture in her blog. but she has instructions in this book! i can't wait to dig in to the other projects, and her hints for beginner sewers like me.

yesterday dan called me in desperation seeking a crafty project for tashi. he was working from home while i was working in the women's center and tashi was hitting her boredom limit. i mentioned the hot rocks project i'd read about in yet another inspiring blog. instead of rocks they used a loose brick that borders our front stoop. it's pretty cool (now that it's not hot)(oh dear).

oh, and i don't think i shared this. tashi made this elephant pull toy at uva art camp. the box opens up. i love the big elephant ears. and how about those shoes. she wore them to my brother's wedding. she shed them and wore her bare feet as soon as possible.

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