Friday, August 31, 2007

the wheel of life

today i am 40.

it has been a very mixed day.

i woke up with a splitting headache.

it got worse when i found out that a classmate of tashi's, along with her mother and sister, were killed yesterday in a tragic auto accident.

they simply stopped or slowed to make a left turn when a box truck rear ended them at full speed, pushing them into oncoming traffic where they were hit again by a van. the children were killed immediately and the mother was pronounced dead at the hospital. it is so terribly awful. i can't seem to throw the vision of it from my mind. i feel so much sorrow for the father. they were beautiful girls, a very sweet, smart, quiet family.

i don't think tashi has fully realized that her friend is gone. forever.

so i have been dealing with tears all day. and a headache. and catsmell. for some reason loki decided to go on a spray frenzy in my work room.

and i've been grouchy for like a week. i'm not sure, but it may have something to do with that venus retrograde?

i did have a delicious indian buffet lunch with my loves. and we did manage to get out of the house this evening. where else but downtown charlottesville do you get to see a rock band of tweens busking on the street?

despite all the blah, i feel like my new decade is off to a good start. i'm working part time for a great organization, learning skills that i will be able to carry into other areas of my life. i am, bit by bit, making things with my hands. i'm determined to carve out writing time for myself, time not spent on the blog, but on poetry. and i've begun a doula practice. my current lovely client is due any day now!!! and dan and tashi started a website for me. there will be a lot more added to it of course. tashi made the lovely windflower, and the little tike is my nephew, tucker.

and the cake, it was delicious:

the rotating wheel. swing up, swing down, but just keep on swingin'.


Anonymous said...

Those tweens were better than most adult musicians. The kid in the red shirt plays incredibly well!

My boyfriend and I produce The Grateful Dead & Phriends radio show on WNRN and we're toying with putting them on our show!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday and hope you have a wonderful new decade too.
Sorry to hear about your incredibly sad news too.

Unknown said...

My gosh, Zoe. What a day. That accident is tragic. I just can't believe it! Life is so precious. My heart goes out to the father and to all of you. About two years ago (?) several students and a teacher were killed here in L.A. crossing the street (on the crosswalk and with the light)going from their school to the park. My friend's daughter attended that same school and knew them all. It took quite some time for her to recover from the loss. We send our blessings... and best wishes as well for a beautiful 40th year for you. You're a virgo, are you not? Like my Griffin who just turned 4. You are special people, you virgos. Congrats on the website and becoming a Doula! What a wonderful, wonderful blessing for some lucky person to have you as their doula. :)

zoe krylova said...

thanks for the kind words tifanie! how incredibly tragic, the kids that were killed crossing the street. it really makes you think about impermanence and living each moment to the fullest.

i am indeed a virgo (five planets in virgo).

it's been a strange, bittersweet weekend. i'm happy to be in a new decade. but gee, what's up with the wrinkles ;)