Wednesday, August 08, 2007

E is for Earth

In my astrological birth chart, five of my ten planets are in the Earth sign of Virgo. Dan (Taurus) and Tashi (Capricorn) are both Earth signs. We're all stubborn, in love with the outdoors, a little bogged down at times, and at other times, incredibly hard working.

I'm worried about the earth. On days like today where the high is expected to be 101 degrees, I wonder what it will be like roasting under the dome of global warming. I guess I don't have to wonder; I'm experiencing it now. But what will it be like when there is no relief from the extremes of hot and cold? I try not to be too fearful, but I know I'm not doing enough. Not many people are doing enough, and so I try also, not to be too resigned.

Sometimes I forget how incredibly refreshing it is to the psyche, to take a hike, or a long country drive, to cultivate a garden, or just swing on the hammock. I try to plan rituals to celebrate sabbats and esbats, but without the culture geared toward these important seasonal days, it is sometimes easy to let them slip by unnoticed.

I don't believe in one God or Goddess, but I do believe the earth is infused with divine power. Just as each of us is. If we respect it, acknowledge it, allow it to flourish, it may be the power that saves us all.

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