Saturday, June 30, 2007

calling all fairies (and toy soldiers?)

after all the fun out and about, we came home and built a fairy house.

we included a bathtub of lavender.

and a toilet. but of course.

oh so auspicious, we found a cicada shell right on the spot, and placed it on the throne.

then tashi saw a face peeking up from the soil nearby. she dug up this soldier. we're not much into toy soldiers, but this one seems pretty vintage. he's made of some sort of metal. we hope it's not lead. we're thinking he probably did battle in ww1. i'm going to do some searching around to see if i can't learn more about this guy. tashi named him adam.

maybe he's a fairy now.

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Silvia said...

Looks like that was a lot of fun!