Friday, June 08, 2007

summer storm love

after a day of temperatures in the mid nineties we had the mother of all storms. it rolled in with a bank of deep dramatic blue-grey clouds extending jagged claws of lightening. the rain came down in torrents and the world filled with rumble and flash. i happened to be driving my car home from the video store in the thick of it, and was screaming with laughter at the drama of it all. i felt like i was driving a speed boat so thick and tall was my wake.

once things slowed down tashi and i went out on the deck to marvel at a purple sky. the lightening carried on for a good long while, streaks shimmering across the sky dome from all directions. we were mesmerized.

i love a good summer storm. when i was a small child i used to beg my mother to wake me if there was a storm in the middle of the night. alas, she never did. but tonight i could enjoy a good storm with my daughter as we spun around in the great outdoors under a bright cobweb of majesty and command. i wish i could have captured that lacy lightening, but i will have to leave you with the pinky purple backdrop.

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