Thursday, June 14, 2007

slow morning

it is a wet grey morning in virginia.

this is my last week at my current job, and i've been going in on a somewhat sporadic schedule since tashi is out of school. today i am going in at noon, but instead seizing the opportunity to sleep in, i was up at 6:30am. dan and tashi are still snoozing while i lounge on the couch net surfing.

i've added several new links to my blog, all moms and/or makers that inspire with their work, their aesthetic, their surround and their spirit.

speaking of blogs, mine needs a facelift. i want to have my own picture/banner/logo on here and once i figure out how to do it, it will be done.

there are a lot of things that will be done.

i start my part time job next week while tashi is in a day camp. we booked her into two day camps not knowing whether i'd land a part time job before summer commenced. she's very excited about them, so even though i'll miss her tremendously, i'm glad she'll be having fun with children. one is at the quaker school where she'll be creating and singing and writing. the other is at the uva art museum where she'll be learning and imitating and making. so while i work part time and she is in camp i hope to get a great deal accomplished so that when she is not in camp i can focus fully on her.

here is a list of some goals, in no particular order:

reorganize, reclaim, revamp my work room
write (in the blog, but mostly, not in the blog)
have business cards printed for doula practice
refinish thrifted wooden bookshelf
strip and paint salvaged table
embroider some designs on things
make a couple of curtains
purge house of clutter
re-establish clutter by thrifting a little
work with dan on a doula website
take knitting lesson with molly
read (if i can ever get off the computer)

certainly there's more. but given my propensity to procrastinate and/or bumble a day away dreaming and puttering when i have time on my hands, that list is pretty ambitious.

yes two more days of the current job, and then, a new leaf.

does anyone know what that is by the way?

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Silvia said...

It's a low-growing cedar of some kind, but I don't recall the name. Sorry I can't help more.