Friday, June 22, 2007

part three: write

i had three main reasons for leaving my full time job. one was to focus more on building a doula practice. two was so i could spend more quality time with tashi. and three was so i could focus more on my "other" creative endeavors. these might include: collaging, crafting, gardening, fixing up the house, photographing, and mostly - writing.

right before the i left the bay area in 2000 i was invited by elizabeth robinson to do a poetry reading in her backyard reading series. it was one of the more validating experiences in my wayward career as a poet. backyards are lovely places to hold readings and i couldn't help but feel honored that an awesome and established poet had taken notice of me. well, that was seven years ago.

while in dharamsala i participated in many open mics and when we returned from india i wrote a book length manuscript, set for publication. but the publication fell through and i have since continued to wrestle with my commitment and confidence.

the main thing at this point is that, aside from a few small zine-like publications, i am unpublished. i have to write, of course, to have materials for publication. but the step more difficult for me than writing, is sending the stuff off to literary magazines.

and so today i begin my work as a writer. again.

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Cool photo. I look forward to reading more about your writing.

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