Saturday, June 09, 2007

delightful dishes

i was having a pretty unsuccessful salvation army visit this morning until i checked out the dish section. if ever you're having a bad day at the thrift store, just start looking at dishes. surely you will find something.

i thought this would make a nice cheese & crackers plate:

this one is my favorite. a totally charming bowl for tashi.

bless my camera, but it can't handle close ups:

and another sweet little bowl.

tashi loves herbal tea and it is a pleasure i like to encourage with cute little cups:

i knew tashi would enjoy having this little pitcher in her play kitchen:

i tried to resist, but in the end i just couldn't pass this one up. dan is from wisconsin.

there are a few others, more practical, less aesthetic, not worth picturing, and really, that's enough dishes for a day isn't it?

oh, and i found an awesome solid wood bookshelf. but it needs to be cleaned and refinished. so it's in the basement for now.

that's the saturday thrift stop update!

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