Monday, June 25, 2007

our luna

this is luna, the very sweet cat. she is loki's sister, though they look nothing alike. she's a bit shy and fast and so it is often difficult to get a good picture of her. i thought she looked especially cute this evening in the jungly yard.

things are progressing in my messy office. i'm afraid it is always going to have the aspect of clutter to it, as there is just too much in too small a space and all the furniture is mismatched and even though i'm not exactly a pack rat there just isn't room for all the books and papers and craft supplies and collage materials and piles of tashi's artwork-over-the-years. but i'm making headway and freecycling some things and finding fresh new spaces on the recently acquired shelving units.

i also have my seasonal big bad dose of poison ivy. at first i thought it was a secondary rash from the cats and believed it would pass and be a non-issue. i was sooo wrong. and i am sooo itchy. and my arms are gross.

here is one of the poison ivy meadows that the cats (and apparently i) like to run through:

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ariellegodslioness said...

Luna is cute!

Hope the PI is healing or at least feeling better!!!