Tuesday, June 12, 2007

first swim of summer

today after work i packed up a quick picnic and tashi and i headed to walnut creek park, a new place for us. we were pleasantly surprised by this beautiful park, and after eating lunch, eagerly pulled on our swimsuits to take a dip in the pretty lake. just as i applied the last bits of sunscreen on tashi i noticed a huge cloud that had appeared out of nowhere and then, thunder.

the lifeguards cleared the beach. tashi was not pleased.

after a period of pouting and several games of hangman, i convinced tashi to join me for a walk on a nearby trail. we saw many pretty things.

lily pads that look like easter eggs.

a charming butterfly.

fresh rain on a leaf.

blessed bee.

and then we walked the path back to the beach, and were able to have a very pleasant swim in a lake all to ourselves.

something nibbled on my thigh though. it didn't do any damage, but gave me a little fright!

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