Tuesday, June 19, 2007

part one: picking up the pieces

i have promised myself i will not lose the day to blogging and surfing, so i'll try to make this quick (already spent the morning at salvation army where i scored a great storage unit. more on that later).

my first day at work yesterday went fabulously. amongst other things, i got to see a presentation by a couple of the directors on an undergraduate class they took to san salvador to learn about women activists in a place of intense political unrest. tomorrow i will begin trainings. there is a lot to learn and i'm excited about it. currently i am working just two and a half days. that means i'll have two and a half days of the work week to myself, at least while tashi is in day camp.

today the goal is to straighten up my work room/guest room/overflow linen closet toy storage room. it is a complete disaster and i cannot focus on anything until it is in working order. there will be some major changes due to the above mentioned storage unit. i won't have that until tonight or tomorrow, as dan will have to help me transport it. it's going to be awesome. in the mean time, this is what i have to contend with.

a desk that has actually seen messier days:

thou shallt not pass. this is a disorganized eruption of collage/sewing/crafting materials.

this is a guest bed. would you like to come and stay at my house? on top of it are freecycled & thrifted fabrics, linens that don't fit in the linen closet, clothes that need to be hand washed, and hidden but present - a pile of papers and magazines. underneath the bed are toys, games, musical instruments and milk crates full of stuff. beside the bed are a more magazines (collage materials all), a couple of boxes of things from my previous workplace, and a bag full of strange items i need to give away.

this is a bookshelf full of poetry books that is going to move elsewhere so that the new storage unit can go here. don't ask me where i'm going to move it because i don't yet know. the old sewing machine stand will have to move as well. and then there are the bags of misc items. you can't even see some of the small disastrous piles.

i guess it could be worse. it actually has been.

i'm really not a slob. i have five planets in virgo for goodness sake! i guess this is a sign that my life has gotten unmanageable (or that our house has poor storage. or that i should quit scoring collage magazines from freecycle).

ok, here i go. . .

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