Wednesday, June 20, 2007

part two: the pieces are finding their places

that's my new used storage unit that i scored at salvation army. it's not full of all the stuff it will soon be full of, but i had to take a picture anyway. and the drums will go elsewhere so that i can have an ever changing scene on the surface.

that's my tiny pile of cute fabrics. there are also a couple of other tiny piles of not so cute but perfectly functional fabrics. this is a much better set up than having the fabrics stuffed in a basket stuffed in a closet where i can pretend they don't exist. now i will be constantly faced with the fact that i should learn how to sew. and even if i can't get beyond herbal dream pillows, at least i'll be doing something useful with the sewing machine currently gathering dust in the corner.

that's me and my papou in cyprus. he died at the hearty age of 98.


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Molly said...

What a great score, Zoe! And you've made it into a work of art. :)