Friday, June 15, 2007

life's greatest blessing is a happy heart

today was my last day as a full time administrative assistant.

and how do i celebrate?

by going to goodwill and buying dishware.

someone, please, put on the brakes! my kitchen is the size of a walk-in closet and our china cabinet is about to implode.

but lately, for me, dishes are bordering on fine art. like this one:

and these dishes are so pretty i could eat them alone:

all of these dishes, including the syrupy little cup at the top, came to a whopping total of $1.70. who could resist?

and the big score of the day was a free pair of red danskos from freecycle. in my exact size.

now that's celebration.

but really. i feel a little bit anti-climatic right now. i thought i had all my ducks lined up when i said my farewells at the workplace around 1pm today. i thought i had everything tied up and neatly stacked in a row. but after i left a feeling crept over me, a sense of things undone and askew. boxes half open. mouths gaping.

but i think it is just the sudden opening in my own life staring up at me. all the things in my own world, all the dreams, hopes and goals that i must now start piecing back together and ordering.

i think i'll walk over to the china cabinet in my soft new shoes and start there!


Jessica Smith said...

those dishes are awesome. i especially love the orange-yellow scrolly ones.

Anonymous said...

1. DUDE! Free Danskos!!! (that fit!) That is the best freecycle score I've heard of!
2. The dishes are way cute.
3. Congrats on leaving your new job and on undertaking your new job adventure!!! Nothing is left undone at the dept-- that is just the nature of jobs like that-- endlessly spiraling and producing more work. We were lucky to have you while we did, and I am CERTAIN that you have left things better than you found them. I am so happy for your new job and adventures!!!!